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Disney Comics App

Disney Publishing has announced a new app for iphones, ipods, and ipads that is now available in the itunes app store.

Disney Comics gives readers instant access to one of the most extensive collections of comics, short stories and graphic novels ever created, ranging from classic adventures starring Mickey Mouse to brand new comics from Toy Story and Cars 2.

The launch collection includes more than 50 comics for readers of all ages and features Disney classic characters like Donald Duck; Disney-Pixar comics featuring Toy Story’s Buzz and Woody; Disney Channel-inspired content including High School Musical; and feature film-based comics based on Tron: Legacy and Tangled. Disney Publishing will release two new titles each week following the launch.

The Disney Comics App will launch in the U.S. and will also be available on the App Store in over 80 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Additional markets will launch Disney Comics later this year.

“Comics are a tremendous part of our heritage and we see great potential and interest in bringing our extensive catalog of Disney Comics to mobile devices,” said Russell Hampton, President, Disney Publishing Worldwide. “We create over 25,000 original comic pages each year and it’s critical that we deliver this content to our readers around the world. We have over 1 billion Disney comic readers today, and our Disney Comics App will further broaden that audience.”

The Disney Comics App offers a new, director-style reading experience; readers can choose portrait or landscape mode, automatic or manual smart paneling, and can view double spreads. Disney Comics also enables readers to preview comics before making a purchase, share their stories with Facebook friends, and save all content to their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for offline reading. An added feature lets readers receive automatic updates when stories relating to a favorite Disney character become available.


I for one am looking forward to being able to read Donald Duck on my phone. Hello, the Future. My guess is those with ipads will find this a much more enjoyable app to use than those of us with iphones and ipods. Tiny screens do not make comic reading very simple, but it’s something I’ll live with. It does make me wonder if they are planning on creating apps for other smartphones and tablets. While this is a step in a very cool direction, they are alienating a lot of their possible audience by not offering it for more readers.


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More Brave News – Trailer and Still

The other day I reported that the first posters for Pixar’s next film Brave had been spotted. Since then there have been some more odds and ends released for Brave!

The first is a still from the movie, of Princess Merida herself.

That hair. Just look at it. Beautiful.

Additionally, as some of you may know, the first teaser trailer was attached to Cars 2. I think it must only have been with the 3D version, because I did not get to see it yesterday when I saw Cars 2 in 2D. No worries though, it has been leaked to youtube, so if you’ve not yet had an opportunity to see it now is your chance.

The video is not the greatest quality, due largely to the fact that it is someone filming a 3D trailer with a regular camera, but it isn’t unbearable. There’s no telling how long it’ll stay up on youtube, so get it while it’s hot!

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Pixar’s Brave has a New Poster

Not much is currently known about Pixar’s Brave other than it being about a Scottish princess named Merida, and that it comes out a year from today. Well, it seems the first poster for this film has finally shown up.

Beautiful, isn’t it? I am looking forward to this one a lot.

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Lightning McQueen, Motors, Action!

Bringing some news I know my nephews will be very excited about! The Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios will start featuring Lightning McQueen from Cars later this summer. The plot of his new cameo has quite a lot to do with Cars 2, as he will be chasing an enemy spy car.

From Disney Parks Blog:

Look for his cameo when the stunt show director sets up a highlight reel dedicated to “one of the greatest race cars of all time.” But just as the crew leaves to set up for the next stunt demonstration, the highlight video feed is interrupted with a distress call from Mater, Lightning’s rusty sidekick. He warns the audience that secret agent Finn McMissile has issued a report of enemy spy activity at “these here coordinates.” Lightning McQueen speeds in to calm the audience down and explains that Mater is probably just telling tall tales again.

Just then, a mysterious black automobile appears on the stage. I don’t want to give away all the details here, but let’s just say what follows is quite an animated game of cat and mouse.

I am surprised they have not done this sooner. Cars may not be my favorite Pixar film, but the connection just seems like an obvious one they should have made long ago.

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Fantasyland Update: Dumboland.

Last week I was able to see a bit of what they are building behind that wall in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. I could see part of the “royal” side of the new additions being built. Until now I had no idea what the other half of the expansion would be like. Disney Parks Blog has posted some information about the update.

Storybook Circus will be based on our animated film, “Dumbo.” Here, Casey Jr., the famous locomotive from the movie, has rolled into town and brought the grand Storybook Circus with him. The area will be filled with colorful circus tents and nods to the famous film. For example, guests – especially little ones – are welcome to cool down with Casey Jr., who can be found near the train station, getting splashed by playful circus animals.

Just past Casey Jr., guests will encounter big-top circus tents that lead to a “double” version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Also, in the tradition of classic air shows, Barnstormer will take on a new look and theme, becoming a spiraling stunt plane built by The Great Goofini.

I must say, as someone who doesn’t like the movie Dumbo much, I am not too excited about this. It seems like a very large section of the bark to be based mostly around one single film. One of the things I loved so much about Mickey’s Toontown Fair was that it was such a large nod to all of the Disney shorts, a huge piece of Disney history that sadly gets overlooked by a lot of people these days. On the flipside of this, I do think that doubling the Dumbo attraction is the best idea Disney has had in a very long time. That attraction has some of the longest lines in the entire park for some reason, so hopefully this will help alleviate some of that problem.

Maybe I’m a stereotypical female when I say this, but I’m way more excited about the Princess half of the update overall.


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